All You Should Know About Buying a Cricket Helmet

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Cricket is a sport we primarily share a flaming enthusiasm for. In India, one of the most demanding jobs you can ever get is locating someone who doesn’t have the slightest interest in cricket.

From those who can jump in front of a train for cricket stars like Virat Kholi to punters making fortunes from top bookmaker apps such as 1xbet, the cricket family in India is teeming.

Of course, having a befitting helmet is core to enjoying cricket (either leisurely or professionally). Unfortunately, with the market becoming adulterated with poor-quality cricket helmets, getting that ideal helmet for your cricket adventures becomes harder.

The good news is that this article expansively details all you should know about choosing the perfect cricket helmet.

Things to Note Before Buying a Cricket Helmet

When buying a Cricket helmet, you should understand that there are differences between the batter’s and bowler’s helmets. A batter needs stronger helmets because they’re at a higher risk of getting hit by the ball. Therefore, batter-optimized helmets are stronger to protect them from impact.

A bowler’s helmet will usually have lesser vents to ensure you give them a cooling sensation while using it. For the batter, you should wear one with less ventilation to protect you from the sun.

Lastly, batter helmets need to meet stricter safety regulations than bowlers. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has safety regulations for wearing helmets, although it isn’t mandatory to wear one. According to the ICC, all helmets should conform to British Standard BS7928:2013.

What are Some Cricket Helmet Buying Tips?

Next, let us dive deeper into some insights on buying cricket helmets.

1. Get One with Good Fittings

The fitting is how well the helmet sits on your head. One of the worst ways to play cricket is using uncomfortable equipment. It will only distract you, thus negatively impacting your performance.

How you measure your helmet fitting depends on whether you’re buying it at a physical or online store. You can try it and select a comfortable one at a physical store. Plus, you can get a guide to help you through the process.

A perfectly fit helmet won’t wobble if you put it in your head. It should sit firmly on your head and move with it. It isn’t the one for you if you experience wobbling after putting it on.

However, the process is different at an online store. Here, the accuracy of your selection depends on your skills with measurements. Measure the circumference of your head to select a helmet to match. A helmet that tones with your head size shouldn’t give you problems.

2. Pay Attention to the Weight

Beginner buyers tend to pay less attention to weight. You want to ensure that you buy a helmet that’s not too heavy on you because you’ll be wearing it for a long time. Choose a new one if the current one feels even a bit heavy because it will get heavier the more time it spends on your head.

3. Don’t Overpay

The amount that you spend on your helmet should correlate with the quality that you get. You should pay more for a lighter helmet that fits you better than for a well-designed one. One of the main differences between expensive and inexpensive Cricket helmets is the weight.

4. Ensure you Get Good Ventilation

The ventilation is another aspect that you don’t want to downplay. You’ll need to breathe while playing, so you want to get yourself a helmet that guarantees you do that well. 

Ensuring proper ventilation is why most Cricket helmets you see today have grills.

5. Prioritize Vision

You could get a beautiful helmet that fits you perfectly, but it would all be in vain if it blocks your vision. 

Therefore, you should prioritize vision and ensure that the one you buy doesn’t obstruct it. You can correct this immediately at a physical store, but you should be extra careful online.

6. Buy from a Reputable Brand

It’s better to pay more for a helmet from a reputable brand than to pay less for one from an unrecognized brand. Established companies are famous because they make quality products, and buying your equipment from them will give you a better shot at enjoying them.

7. Maintenance

Adequate maintenance is essential if you want to use your helmet for a long time. Also, you won’t want a scenario where the helmet fails to do its job because of a miscalculation on your part. 

Therefore, it’s best to inspect your helmet regularly for cracks or breakages.

Clean them after every game or training session and store them as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. If you notice any irreparable damage in the helmet, replace it immediately. A well-maintained junior helmet should last around three years, while a quality senior helmet can last a career.


There’s all that you may need to know about buying a Cricket helmet. It’s pointless to buy a piece of equipment you won’t like, so it’s best to take your purchase decision seriously. 

The key to buying any Cricket equipment is ensuring that it fits you perfectly.

A physical store is the best place to buy a helmet for beginners. You can test the helmet at the store to know exactly how it looks and feel on you. 

Even if you buy at an online store, you can get it right if you understand your measurements. When buying Cricket equipment online, shop at a reputable store with a good return policy.

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