Best cricket betting app in India

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Knowing that Indians love to bet on their favorite sport of cricket, we decided to evaluate which betting app is the best cricket betting app.

The question that arises in relation to the betting universe is how to choose: to bet on the site or in the app.

Best cricket betting app in India

But still, is it better to bet through a mobile site? Or do bookmakers’ apps already have advantages over website functionality?

We’ll assess all of these questions and tell you which is the best way to place bets. You will also find out which betting apps are the best.

Top 3 Best Betting Apps in India

  • Bet365
  • Betway
  • Dafabet

What is the best betting app in India?

The best way to conclude about the best betting app in India is the user experience.

In this sense, we tested existing apps from legal bookmakers in India.

After this evaluation, we concluded that three apps will give you the best experience as a player.


By the way, this app is award-winning and has the best rating among betting and casino apps.

It has all the benefits we talked about above, and a few more that might interest you.

The Bet365 app is available for both Android and iOS. With the Bet365 app, you get smooth and fast navigation, you can register, and you can also access the bonus section.

We’ve detailed how to do this in an article on the Bet365 app and how to download it.

As for the Bet365 app in general, we confirm that:

You will be able to take advantage of Bet365’s exclusive promo code.

Bet365 has excellent customer service and is the most complete in this item (chat, messenger, email or even phone).

Transactions are allowed through the same channels as on the desktop site (credit card, ATM and digital wallets).

One of the less positive things, but similar to the website, is the lack of Paypal payments.

If you activate notifications, you’ll be able to stay up-to-date. You’ll receive alerts on the progress of the games, but you can also be notified immediately if you’ve won a bet you’ve made.

Backing up the latter is Live Stream. Bet365 stands out and scores positive points by making this feature available. This allows you to stay up-to-date on the competitions that are taking place in the Live Stream mode.

The app also has all the menus you need so you can get the best experience possible.

You can also easily go to the casino section without having to install another app to do so.

This way, you have many tournaments and exciting casino offerings at your fingertips, as well as over 800 games waiting for you.

Overall, this app is very comprehensive.

Regularly updated, it certainly provides an equal (or even better) experience compared to the desktop site.


If you value mobility and the ability to bet on the go, the Betway app is a great alternative.

When it comes to accessing a platform that allows you to bet anywhere, this is the second most attractive option.

Compared to the convenience of using the website, it’s a pretty complete app.

It will be easy for you to bet on the sports and markets that you value the most. The only difference is having this tool in your pocket and accessing it at all times.

It’s available for both mobile systems, Android and iOS, has an intuitive interface, and you can download it from the brand’s website.

The app is very fast, and the download time is even better than on the site.

Betway scores points already at the installation stage, and this explanation is detailed on the download page, as you can only access the app if you download it from the same page.

Confirming the previous point is the ease of customer support, as the platform has a clickable icon to access “Live Chat”.

This will be the place where you can expose any situation you need. Compared to the Bet365 app, there are gaps in access to other support tools, such as.

Notifications are an interesting detail, allowing you to receive alerts on the most significant events in the match or to find out the result of your bets.

The app also has a casino, and it’s very easy to select it or sports betting, depending on what you want to play or what you want to bet on.

The games offered are also very good, with many choices in terms of slots, roulette and blackjack.


Unlike the other two solutions we presented to you, the Dafabet App is another viable option if your intention is to be able to track the best odds and sports betting opportunities.

It is a full-fledged app, and a mobile launcher that redirects you to a mobile-optimized site.

However, it’s very helpful to choose what you want to do right away: place a bet, visit the casino section, or just access the account and points sections.

The interface of the mobile version of Dafabet is very good, so we think it is fair to mention it at the top.

Some of the evaluated options match those on the desktop site: registration for new users, access to brand bonuses, and other features that help make it easier for you to use this app.

The menus are also intuitive. For example, you can view sports and markets through the bottom menu.

You also have access to additional options through this menu, such as live streaming of games to keep track of results and events at the moment.

In the upper left menu, you can switch between the sports betting and casino sections, which once again makes it easy when you want to switch between the two types of betting on the same platform.

We think future investments in the app may make the data usage issue more attractive, but for now it’s a great aggregator and access tool.

What’s the best cricket betting app?

The selection we presented to you includes sports betting, which means they offer you several events you can bet on, nationally and internationally.

For example, we have analyzed the most popular soccer event in the world that you can bet on: T20.

Best cricket betting app in India

You just need to find what you want, the game, the team, the type of betting you prefer.

Choosing the best betting app depends on a number of factors that we will analyze next, namely the odds, the tools it offers you, whether the app is fast and whether it has everything that the desktop site offers, among other factors.

If you want to expand your support tools and the betting app you’re using doesn’t have a betting assistant, you can complement the best betting app in India with a game results app.

You get 2 in 1, and if you know the results, you will use the best app with these tips.

Considerations when choosing a betting app

When choosing a betting app, a number of precautions should be taken in order to always play it safe, have the best experience and, of course, get the best deal.

Of course, every user is different, and perhaps some topics are more important to you than others, but we believe that the following elements are always important.

  1. Reliability of brand, license and available applications

We recommend that you always consider homes that are licensed by Curacao.

This is the first (and best) indication that they are legal bookmakers in India.

From this point you can compare brands in a more efficient way, which leads us to the next confirmation: does this bookmaker have an app?

  1. The interface of the app compared to the mobile site

Using an app will, in general, be better than a mobile site.

But there are cases where there is a relationship between the two platforms, where you redirect to the mobile site from the app and everything works fine.

However, and often we may not think about this point, but the mobile site requires more data usage.

In other words, loading times will improve, which means you’ll be more responsive (and save on Internet traffic).

Another interesting thing to look out for is the different types of bets the app offers.

You can also evaluate whether the major markets featured on the desktop site are available in the app.

If you’re not yet familiar with the world of betting, don’t worry, because we can help you better understand what options you have in the apps.

However, in order to succeed, you should be aware of what ways there are to win in sports betting.

  1. Ease of Access Anywhere

A positive thing about using an app that confirms the previous point is the ease of use.

Gone are the days when in order to place a bet, you had to sit down at a table and turn on your computer.

Now there is the ability to bet anywhere, all you need is a smartphone.

As long as you remember to play responsibly, there’s nothing wrong with spending time with friends betting and taking advantage of occasions when the odds of winning are slim.

It’s important that you choose a versatile app that loads pages quickly, for example. This way, it will be even easier to use on the go, no matter where you are,

  1. Checking in through the app

One of the things that has been improved across the board is the alignment of existing features on the site. This is something you can consider when choosing the right app: an app that lets you do everything like on the site.

Apps are constantly being updated, so there are more and more features.

  1. Customer support apps

Fundamental to all situations where you need help is having a quick access button to customer support.

This feature can be very helpful and save you time searching.

It can also simplify any questions you have about using the app, or even in practical betting terms.

  1. Welcome bonuses available in the app

Reinforcing the issue of simplifying registration is the positive thing about being able to access bonuses through the app.

The best apps are sure to provide the best bonuses for you to enjoy as a player.

They should also allow new players to enable bonus codes or have direct access to them.

The confirmation point can be, as we saw earlier, registration: an app that already allows registration will provide easier access.

  1. Markets and available features

Almost at the end of the list, but perhaps one of the most important situations to focus on, are the features of each app.

Many of them include only those that are already provided on the sites of the respective bookmakers.

In this way, you can confirm whether or not this situation occurs only on the app.

Here are some examples of what you can look for in a mobile app:

  • Promotional odds
  • Live streaming
  • Cashout.
  • A virtual betting assistant

These small additions can make a big difference, as they are features that can greatly help you in your experience as a player.

  1. Transaction Methods

Finally, but very important in order for you to guarantee your transactions in the most convenient ways for you, let’s talk about the withdrawal and deposit methods.

Usually homes provide the same funds as the site. So if you find a lack of a method that you appreciate, it may not be an exceptional situation for that application.

In many cases, it is even the lack of protocols between the house and that transaction entity.

However, in an extreme case, you will certainly find an alternative means or application.


As final considerations, let us emphasize that when choosing the best app for betting in India, there are always some key points to take into account. Only then can you have an ally at your fingertips in the betting world.

We have highlighted one of the best ones in this article. However, so that you can do your own comparative analysis and have access to the best odds and features in the country, we had to reduce the number of options to 3.

After testing the three options, there is no doubt: the bet365 app is the most complete, has the best navigation, works fast and provides access to the highly regarded Live Stream, which puts it at an advantage over Betway and Dafabet.

We invite you to try each of them and share with us your experiences about which one you think is the best betting app in India.


What devices can I bet from using the app?

You can play if you have an iOS or Android system. We recommend downloading it directly from bet365, Betway or Dafabet.

Why use the app when there is a mobile version of the site?

The app will reduce your use of mobile data and make your experience more dynamic. 

What criteria should I follow when choosing the best app?

There are actually several, mentioned in this article. However, it is often only through experience that you will be able to conclude which one is best for you.

What is the best betting app in India?

Considering all the criteria we evaluated and which are important, the bet365 app is the most comprehensive and provides the best experience.

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