Clones of popular games: reviewing novelties and risks for players

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Playing slot clones: is it worth it or not?

Recently, developers have often started to release clones of existing slots. These machines have changed only the graphics but use the same settings and bonus features. In this article, we will tell you what clones are from popular providers, the reason for their release and whether it is wrong to play a copied game.

Slot machine clones from well-known providers

Slots-copies appeared when real casinos were widespread. Especially this “sinned” provider, Novomatic – he has almost all slots repeated each other. For example, you can play aviator game copy without knowing it. But we will talk about more modern developers whose games are easy to find in licensed casinos.

There is no need to confuse clones and scripted machines. The first are original machines from licensed developers with official characteristics. The graphics are changed in them, but the functionality of one of the games is taken. The second is pirated software pretending to be the original. It is not checked for honesty, and there can be tweaking. It occurs only in scripted casinos.

Clones of popular games: reviewing novelties and risks for players


Mermaids Millions slot machine was released in 2008. Players immediately loved it because its return percentage was high – 96.5%. The slot about mermaids consisted of 5 reels and 15 paylines. The bonuses in the game were a wild, scatter, freespins and themed round with a large cash prize.

After Microgaming decided to repeat the success and released the Bush Telegraph machine, the functionality is entirely identical: 5 reels, 15 lines, freespins and the bonus game. But the developers changed the theme – they made the jungle instead of the underwater world.

The next clone of the same Mermaids Millions is Wasabi San, released in 2021. The machine is made in Japanese style, but the functionality is entirely identical to the previous devices.


Usually, NetEnt pleases players with high-quality and original slots. With the transition to HTML5, the provider released a whole group of machines similar to previous developments.


Provider Endorphina often copies previously created slots without any updates. A prime example is Urartu and its more popular copy, The King. These machines have 15 free spins with a multiplier of x3.

This developer also has a series of Dice slots. Dice have replaced the symbols, and the functionality remains the same.

Why do developers create clones?

Just a couple of years ago, the situation with clones of slots was much better than now. The reason lies in the following.

  • Increase turnover. After the release of a new game, the developer significantly increases the return percentage. Users abandon the old games and go to the new ones, believing they give more. As a result, the provider gets a good profit and tries to keep it at the same level, even to the detriment of quality.
  • Reminder. It isn’t easy to stand out among the wide variety of providers, so some developers release novelties because they need to.
  • Stability. For a new slot to be a success, the provider completely copies the functionality of the popular apparatus. They use the principle “do not break what works well”.

What are the differences between originals and copies?

The first and most significant difference is the theme. The manufacturer completely changes the graphics and draws new symbols. Only the slot template and animation remain.

The original and the copy can have separate prize pools. But the game and its quality are fine. Also, some clone slots may have different behaviour. For example, the slot The King more often activates the bonus game and gives bigger wins than the original Urartu.

Attention! If you notice any peculiarities in the behaviour of one machine or increased payouts for specific actions, be sure to try the same tactics on another device.

Is it wrong to play copies?

Here, everything depends on what you expect from the new machines.

If you like the original slot but want variety, copies are made especially for you. Functionality, payout level, volatility and payout table are preserved, but you get a completely different machine.

On the other hand, creating copies negatively affects the development of new products. The provider will realize that making clones is much easier and cheaper, so the chances of seeing something original are significantly reduced.

Clones of popular games: reviewing novelties and risks for players


Playing slots and their clones has been a topic of debate among gamblers. Let’s explore the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.


  • Familiarity: Clones often replicate popular slots, providing a sense of familiarity for players who already enjoy the original game.
  • Variety: Clones may offer slight variations in themes or features, catering to different player preferences and interests.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: Casinos often promote new clones with enticing bonuses, allowing players to boost their bankrolls.
  • Gameplay: If you love a specific slot but wish it had different graphics or sound effects, clones offer the visual and auditory experience you desire.


  • Lack of Originality: Clones might need more innovation and uniqueness found in original slots, offering a similar gaming experience without introducing novel features.
  • Reputation and Security: Clones from less reputable sources might compromise your online security and fairness of gameplay. It’s crucial to choose trustworthy casinos and developers.
  • Overwhelming Choices: With countless clones flooding the market, players might need help identifying the best ones, leading to decision fatigue.
  • Potential Rigging: Unscrupulous operators could manipulate cloned slots, impacting the game’s fairness and your chances of winning.

Deciding whether to play slot clones ultimately depends on personal preferences. While clones offer familiarity and variety, ensuring you choose a reputable casino and game developer is paramount. Always prioritize security, fairness, and enjoyable gameplay. Research, read reviews, and opt for casinos with solid reputations to enhance your online gaming experience while minimizing potential risks.

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