Poker Chart For Best Starting Hands

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Poker is not just a game of luck, as some may think. On the contrary, one must put significant effort into the game to become a pro player. Tacts and strategies are the main components that will help you place the right bets. And we are not talking about vague strategies and general tactics. While these can be helpful to some extent, one cannot expect to win with them. 

Poker charts are the ultimate way of understanding and winning the game. It adds logic and calculation to vague tactics and makes them solid. If you are a beginner, poker charts will be of much help. They might seem a little complicated in the beginning, but as you get familiar with the cards, rules, and terms, it will get easier. 

So if you are ready to embark on a successful poker journey, here are some charts that will guide you along the way. Understand and memorize these poker charts to enjoy an upper hand in any game you play. 

Hand Rankings Poker Chart 

This poker chart will help you understand which hands are considered strong hands in the game and which are not. This is the most important chart for a beginner as it would give them an idea about their position when playing. Once you have received all 5 cards, your hand will decide if you should continue or back out. Therefore, knowing how strong your hand helps you make the right decision. 

Royal Flush A-K-Q-J-10
Straight Flush6-5-4-3-2
Four of a Kind8-8-8-8-A
Full House K-K-K-J-J
Flush J-K-6-3-9
Three of a kind A-K-8-8-8
2 PairK-K-J-J-9
Highest CardA-8-7-4-3
Poker Chart For Best Starting Hands

A Royal Flush straight away makes you the winner. 

Clearly, Royal Flush is the strongest hand, and it contains all the high cards. However, remember that all your cards must be of the same suit. Only then does it qualify as a royal flush. The Straight Flush, on the other hand, is a combination of consecutive numbers from the same suit.  

Four of a Kind makes the third strongest hand, which requires you to have four cards of the same rank and an additional card. Flush has cards that belong to the same suit but not in a sequence. Three of a kind, as the name suggests, must have 3 cards of the same suit. 

2 Pair must have two pairs of cards from two different ranks. Similarly, Pair has only one pair of identical ranks with three other cards. 

The highest card is considered when no player on the table successfully yields any of the other combinations. Whoever has the highest value cards is declared the winner. 

Top Starting Hands 

Players get their cards in an installment when playing Poker. The starting hand is the initial two cards that the dealer hands out to each player. In some cases, a strong hand can give you an advantage which comes in handy in the course of the game. Here are some strong starting hands that you should know. 

Abbreviation Hand Name 
AAPocket Aces 
KKPocket Kings 
QQPocket Queens
AKsAce-King Suited
JJPocket Jacks 
TTPocket Tens 
AKo Ace-King Off-suit
AQsAce-Queen Suited
AJsAce-Jack Suited 
KQsKing-Queen Suited

These starting hands are extremely strong and will compel you to stay in the game. It also increases your chance of forming strong hands by the end of the round. 

These starting hands also have nicknames. Knowing them will not strengthen your game per se but will help you participate actively in communication with pro players. You can learn some tips and tricks from such forums and might also be able to join the discussion. To become a natural part of the poker community, one has to know the nicknames of these starting hands. 

Here are some of the informal names for starting hands. 

Hand Nicknames 
AABatteries, needles, bullets 
KKCowboys, King Kong, Ace Magnets
JJBrothers, Fish Hooks
88Piano keys 
44Sail boats 
AKBig Slick

There are many more and it is impossible to list every name to the last. As you play and practice, you will come across many such names and slowly get familiar with the lingo.

Do Starting Hands Differ by Position? 

The value of your starting hand will differ according to the position you sit at a poker table. Particular hands are impossible to play from all positions. A lot of it depends on the post-flop play. 

The game begins with the player who is seated to the button’s left and then goes around until it arrives at the player who is on the button. 

While it may seem that the one who begins is at an advantage, it is actually the opposite. The player who acts last has ample advantage as he gets to witness other players perform. He chooses the bet after everyone else has done so and thus can guess the cards they have. It gives him a lot of information not only about the ongoing gameplay but also about the player. Always remember, in Poker, you don’t just play but also observe. 

Since the in-position play has an advantage, he can take the liberty of playing a looser range of hands than any other player.

Poker Chart For Best Starting Hands

Your position can be very decisive while playing Poker.  

Which Starting Hands Should You Play

As we already mentioned, the value and usability of your starting hands will depend on your position. However, there are some hands in the poker charts that will work anywhere around the table. These strong hands have a great chance of becoming the winning combination. They are: 








Summing Up

Poker Charts have helped players all over the world understand the game and play it calculatingly. These charts are as important for pro players as they are for beginners. 

Once you have mastered the important poker charts and can retain them in your memory while playing, you will be able to make better guesses and read people better on the table. It gives players a lot of advantages and is the secret of many professional poker players all around the world. 

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