The Wonder Kid In The Demon Slayer: The Mist Hashira Muichiro Tokito

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Muichiro Tokito is a major supporting character in Demon Slayer. He is the current Mist Hashira.

Muichiro And Yuichiro Tokito are identical twins who descend from Kokushibo, Upper-Rank One.

Basic Info

  • Gender: Male
  • Age:14
  • Height:160cm(5’3”)
  • Weight:56kg
  • Birthday: August 8th
  • Eye Color: Mint green to black
  • Hair Color: Mint green


Muichiro is an athletic, young man with fair skin. His long, straight hair is dark in color but becomes minty green closer to his waist. He wears untidy bangs across his forehead, and his hair is loose with two clumps extending slightly to each side of his head. A pair of slightly shorter hair was left down to frame the rest of his face. His eyes appear empty with their large mint-green hue. Yuichiro Tokito, his twin brother and he have similar features such as their eyes and hair.

Muichiro is wearing a Demon Slayer outfit in black with a hint turquoise. His uniform is more similar to a kimono in that his arms are longer and wider than standard cuffed sleeves. The uniform has a loose appearance and is larger due to the lack of textile bands around the calves. He also has a pair dark-blue tabi socks and a pair of zri in white. If you want to wear cool Demon Slayer Earrings do not wait to check our store, with all only the best Demon Slayer Merch and stuff you’ll ever find, with clothing, sweatshirts, as well as many more shiny jewelries like necklaces!


Muichiro, a conscientious person, seems to be constantly daydreaming. He is also unable concentrate on anything. He has a tendency not to let emotion or thoughts guide him and thinks only for himself. Sometimes, he is impassive and even obtuse.

Episode 22 of Season 2 of the anime sees Hashira ask Muichiro to help Tanjiro by holding a demon that is a demon slayer. Muichiro is baffled by the whole situation, while Hashira gives their opinion on Tanjiro’s fate. While everyone else is focused upon Tanjiro’s transgressions he gazes upward lost in the clouds. Muichiro in the anime actually asks “What was the size again of the cloud?” Muichiro continues to fall asleep while thinking about the name the bird is flying above, while Hashira questions Tanjiro. Tanjiro will ultimately be lost to the master of the mansion. Muichiro explains that he’s fine with it because he won’t be forgotten.

Tanjiro assumed Muichiro hadn’t been hostile and didn’t seem to be acting maliciously. Despite his sloppy and inconsiderate demeanour, he was able to be serious when needed and is loyal to the role of Mist Hashira to the Demon Slayer Corps. He appears to be cold and proud, shaking Kotetsu in anger and calling him foolish. He claimed that Kotetsu had spent his time as a Hashira much more than his and that swordsmiths could only make weapons. Muichiro doesn’t seem to love KagayaUbuyashiki, possibly because he loves his master.

Back Story

Muichiro showed a more caring and optimistic disposition before the death of his twin brother yuichiro when they were eleven years old. It is the exact opposite of what he is feeling now. After his father died, Muichiro showed a higher level of kindness. Muichiro lost the ability to recall his past after his brother was attacked by a demon. This led him to have a persistent, suppressed hatred which drove him towards his future training. After the death of his brother, Muichiro began to show the detached behavior that his twin brother displayed, and he is now known for being a Hashira.

Muichiro was able to revisit his past memories during his meetings in Tokyo with Tanjiro Kazado. He became more mature and responsible. He even decided that he would help Kotetsu if his life was in peril, rather than ignore them. When his memories were fully recovered, Muichiro’s emotions and self-assurance increased, as did his concern for his fellow Demon Slayer Corps personnel. Muichiro began to exhibit emotions that are typical of someone his age, especially immaturity as well as childishness in his interactions with Demon Slayers.

After the events in the Swordsmith Village arch, he seems to have developed a dislike for Tanjiro. Gyomei Himejima was surprised to see Obanai Itguro’s crush on Mitsuri Knoji. However, he did show a greater awareness about himself and those around him. His kindness helped him establish connections with Demon Slayers and create fond family memories similar to those from his earlier days.


Muichiro is a prodigy as a teenager, a Hashira for the Demon Slayer Corps, an exceptionally strong and skilled combatant. He is considered an extraordinary talent despite being only 22 years old. He was able to attain his Hashira status within two months of training. A feat that Gyomei Himejima has only managed to match, making him the strongest Hashira from the current generation. He defeated even the most senior Demon Slayers Genya Shinazugawa, Tanjiro kamado, and Genya Shinazugawa. Muichiro was able to defeat Upper-Rank Five Gyokko without difficulty after activating the Demon Slayer mark.

Kokushibo Upper-Rank one congratulated Muichiro on having developed techniques so young. However, his contributions to the fight were critical in Upper-Rank One losing. Muichiro was able beat Upper Rank One, despite having access to Transparent World. This allows Muichiro to dye his Nichirin Sword a vibrant, reddish color. This crucial blow was decisive in Muichiro defeating Upper-Rank one. Kokushibo was Upper-Rank one and commended Muichiro’s ability to develop such advanced techniques for a youngster. However, his contributions were critical in the fight against Upper-Rank. He was eventually killed in the final battle alongside the stone and other hashira.

Breathing Style

Mist Breathing – A method of breathing Muichiro learns from experience or from farmers. Muichiro, who is also known as the Mist Hashira or the Mist Breathing master of his generation, is Muichiro. He has become so adept at Mist Breathing that his new technique was vital in helping him defeat the Fifth-Rank Gyokko. Kokushibo expressed gratitude for his Breathing style and stated that it is far beyond his expectations. Muichiro’s movements are further obscured by wearing loose-fitting clothing that keeps his arms clear of the enemy.

Used Weapon

Regular Nichirin Katana. Muichiro is a Demon Slayer and wields a Nichirin standard katana. It is a white katana, but it can be changed to brilliant crimson using the Demon Slayer Mark. Muichiro has a Hashira Katana. Inscribed on the blade are the words, “Destroy Demons.” His sword’s hilt has a square shape with hollow rectangles at each corner. Muichiro carries a standard black sword sheath along with his katana.

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